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What is Blogoommer?

A standalone java application for editing, organizing and publishing weblogs by FTP. Generate a weblog site with calendar-based navigation, links, and RSS 1.0 and 2.0 news feeds.

About Blogoommer

Blogoommer is a standalone blogging application for people who want to manage their blogs independently of any weblog hosting service. All it takes is a remote FTP/Web site to upload your blogs to. Such sites are frequent, many of them free of charge. In many cases, your internet provider provides online storage space for hosting your personal web pages that you can access through FTP for editing your site.

Blogoommer will handle rendering your weblog to HTML, porting files to the remote server and maintain a coherent website with a calendar component for easy navigation to:

  • your current blogs
  • a list of archives for past months
  • a list of recent blogs.

The other main feature of Blogommer is that it generates RSS news feeds from your recent blogs list. People with RSS readers such as the Thunderbird mail client, Firebird web browser, etc can get the news feed from the links associated to the weblog site and get headlines from your latest blogs automatically that link to the site, without you having to maintain a list of emails as in discussion groups or mailing lists.

Blogoommer is licensed under the GPL and can be used for free.


Blogoommer supports:

  • Load & save weblog files in XML format
  • Publish to and load from remote FTP server
  • A rich help system
  • Support for links
  • Support for images
  • permalinks
  • RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0
  • A calendar component
  • Support for FTP proxies & PASV mode publishing
  • WYSYWYG editing
  • ...and more.
René Ghosh - sardak@users.sourceforge.net- updated: 04/07/2005