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Customizing your generated website

Note: this section is for advanced users with a bit of experience in web development.

Blogoommer renders your website using an HTML template and associated css stylesheet. When you publish your weblog, an HTML file is generated for each month containing weblog entries and another one for your website index file. These files are placed in a directory created at the same place your weblog is saved, the directory having the same name as the weblog file only suffixed with "-site". All of the generated HTML files are placed in this directory, along with the rss news feeds and a css stylesheet.

If you want to change the colors, fonts, margins, padding space, border properties, etc. of your website, you can modify the css stylesheet, named style.css.

Once generated, this file will never be overwritten, so you don't need to fear losing your customization the next time you publish your weblog.

The same holds true for the HTML template, layout.template.html, which you can modify at will to suit your tastes in how the information is presented on your website. The files are ported to your remote FTP site during publication.

René Ghosh - sardak@users.sourceforge.net- updated: 04/07/2005